AC DC Hipot Tester Working Principle

Apply a higher than normal voltage to the insulator of the device under test and continue for a period of time. If the insulation is good enough, the applied voltage will only generate a small leakage current; if the leakage current of the insulator of the device under test is within the specified time Stay within the specified range, you can be sure that the device under test is safe to operate under normal operating conditions. The following methods of using the high-voltage withstand voltage tester are summarized, hoping to help solve the problem and ensure the life safety of the personnel using the hipot tester.

How Hipot tester works?

Turn on the power, confirm that the “Voltage” knob is set to the “0” position, and then turn on the power switch.
Set the “leakage current” value, press the switch “15”, adjust the “leakage current preset” of the “14” potentiometer, and preset the “leakage current” to the desired value.

10kVA hipot tester

Connect the test piece, and connect the test line to the test piece according to the needs of the test piece.

For timing test, put the timing switch “17” in the “timing” position, adjust the timing dial switch, and set the required timing time. Then press the “Start” switch and adjust the “Voltage” knob to make the output voltage reach the expected value.

Manual test, put the timing switch “18” in the “manual” position. Press the “Start” switch.

During the test, if the detected “leakage current” value exceeds the preset value of “leakage current”, the instrument will automatically alarm and cut off the output voltage. At this time, just press the “reset” switch, and the instrument will return to the standby mode. measurement status. (If the external control test is exceeded, the start switch on the test stick should be released before the test continues)

If the detected leakage current does not exceed the set value, the hipot tester will return to the state to be measured after a fixed time or pressing the reset switch.

For the shaking test, insert the five-pin plug on the handle of the shaking test into the socket of the hipot tester, and press the switch on the test rod to conduct the test. Note: When using the remote test rod, the timing function of the instrument is disabled.

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