Methods for Safe Hipot Testing

When working with electrical safety test equipment, instruments that output potentially dangerous voltages and currents, it is always important to regular review and encourage safe testing techniques. This includes setting up a safe work area, properly training any test operators and establishing safe test procedures. Knowing and recognizing the potential safety hazards can go a long way in …

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How to Operate the 5 kVA Hipot Tester?

Hipot tester is a commonly used test instrument, mainly used for the withstand voltage test of polyethylene insulated power cables, and can also be used for the insulation withstand voltage test of large power transformers. A professional hipot tester manufacturer will introduce you how to properly use the model ATO-HTGTB-5100 withstand voltage test. ATO hipot …

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How to Test the Hipot Tester?

Press Function Key [F3] to move the highlight and stay in the test item. Use function key [F1] and [F2] to select the test mode. There are AC/GC/PA/OS,AC/DCIGC/PA/OS and Ac Dc/IR/GC/PA/OS test modes for selection by different model. Different test mode has different test parameters for setting. Description of each test parameter setting: The following explain the parameter setting of …

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