Common Problems of Cable Hipot Tester

The cable hipot tester is a general-purpose high-voltage test instrument, which is widely used in the hipot test of electrical equipment, bakelite appliances, transformer power cords, electric energy meters, motors, power plugs and sockets, cables, etc. pressure test. With the establishment of safety standards in various countries, the cable hipot tester has become an indispensable instrument for manufacturers of various household appliances and various electronic products.

Cable hipot tester FAQ

As many people are familiar with, use a continuity test to check for a good connection. You do a continuity test and see that the current will flow from one point to another. If the current flow is easily insufficient, then point the connection. Many people are not familiar with the withstand voltage test. “Withstand voltage” is a high potential (high voltage). A hipot tester checks for “good isolation.” You do a hipot test to make sure no current will flow from one point to another. A cable withstand tester is in some ways the opposite of continuity testing.

Install hipot tester

Continuity testing: “Make sure that current flows, easily from one point to another.”

Hipot test: “Make sure that current doesn’t flow from one point to another (the voltage is very high to make sure there is no current).”

In the simple case one requires two conductors for a hipot tester should be isolated and applied to a very high voltage between the conductors.

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