Hipot Tester Troubleshooting

The problems in the following conditions are very dangerous. The output terminal may still have high voltage output even the [STOP] button is pressed, so you need to be very careful.

The DANGER indicator still lights up after the [STOP] button is pressed.

There is no reading on voltage meter, however the DANGER indicator is lit.

When any of the above conditions happens, turn off the power and unplug the AC power cord. Do not use it again as the failure is very dangerous. Send it back Chroma or dealer for repair and services.

Danger indicator failure

lf you press the [START] button and the voltage meter shows readings but the DANGER indicator is still off, it means the indicator may be failure. Turn the hipot tester off and replace it immediately, then return the malfunction device to Chroma or dealer for repair and services.

dc hipot tester

Notices when operating the instrument of long duration under normal condition.

lf the setting high limit closes to the rated value, pay attention to the temperature changes. Stop using it if the ambient temperature is over 40°℃. Wait until the temperature is down to normal to resume the operation, and the hipot tester instrument must beinspected first .

There are four types of AC INPUT power source used in this hipot tester.

Switch the voltage selector on the rear panel to the correct position according to the voltage used locally. Ensure the AC power source is same as marked on the powerswitch that located on the rear panel, and the fuse is changed to the appropriate one when plug in the power cord. Following table lists the fuses for the voltage used:

The fuse should conform to the voltage used and replace it when the power cord is unplugged to avoid electric shock. When replacing the fuse, press the fuse holder inside the power socket then remove the existing fuse and insert the new one, then plug in the power cord.

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