Module Design of Hipot Tester

The hipot tester is a computer control system composed of a high-performance microcontroller ADCm842 as the core. ADCm842 integrates 12-bit A/D and D/A converters and has a DMA controller to complete high-speed conversion from A/D to RAM. The ADCm842 has a superior 8052 core with a peak efficiency of 20 mega instructions per second. ADCm842 has 62KB on-chip program flash memory; 4KB on-chip data flash memory, 2.3KB of on-chip data RAM that can be erased and written 100,000 times. The single-chip microcomputer of the test system uses C51 programming to control the test and process the data, and the PC mainly provides the interface of human-computer interaction. This test system is flexible and convenient to apply.

Hipot tester

The test control system includes control of the voltage source, data acquisition, A/D conversion, data analysis, data output and display, and data storage. At the same time, the software of the withstand voltage test system can realize the functions of self-test before the test, automatic elimination of possible error factors, and fault alarm. Accurate control of test voltage is achieved through software. When the test voltage reaches the test requirement value, start the test. The software controls the voltage according to the test standard in IEC61010. The computer adopts VC++ programming, and the test interface is intuitive and easy to operate. The user can set different test times and leakage current thresholds according to the actual test, monitor the test progress, and display the test results. Hipot tester quickly drops to zero and an alarm signal is issued.

In the actual test, the 0.5-level ZX117A adjustable high-voltage resistance box is used as the standard DUT, the output voltage is controlled by the single-chip microcomputer to rise to the set value, and the CS1940 digital high-voltage meter of Nanjing Changsheng is used to monitor the voltage output, and the error of the output voltage does not exceed ±1.5%. Use Agilent’s six-and-a-half-digit digital multimeter A-34401A to measure the leakage current of the system, and evaluate the test accuracy of the system based on the calculated value of the leakage current. The current test results show that the repeatability of the measurement data is good, and the test error of the leakage current is ± (1.5% ± 0.05mA).

Insulation hipot tester measuring range withstand voltage AC0~5kV/100mA Insulation DC250V 500V 1000V 1~9999MΩ performance features improved insulation hipot tester test voltage, time, leakage current and insulation resistance are all digitally displayed, accurate and beautiful to measure insulation resistance value up to 1010Ω Intelligent, single-chip control, test insulation resistance, voltage, leakage current, time can be adjusted arbitrarily, wide range, high accuracy can not only test the resistance and voltage of products, but also screen qualified and unqualified products, sound and light alarm technical parameters output voltage AC 0~5kV ±3%, arbitrarily adjustable breakdown current AC 0~100mA ±5%, arbitrarily set timing 1~99s, ±3%, manual insulation resistance test voltage DC 250V/500V/1000V, measuring range 1~9999MΩ, ±3%~±5%, transformer capacity can be set arbitrarily 750VA main functions I/W, W/I automatic conversion, manual/automatic, single-chip microprocessor control test, pass/fail sound and light alarm, breakdown protection and other functions.

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