Precautions for Using the Hipot Tester

The operator must wear insulating rubber gloves and put insulating rubber pads under the feet to prevent life-threatening high-voltage electric shocks.

1. The hipot tester must be grounded reliably.

2. When connecting the detachable DUT, it must be ensured that the high voltage output is “0” and in the “reset” state.

3. During the test, the grounding end of the instrument must be reliably connected to the measured object, and it is strictly forbidden to open the circuit.

4. Do not short-circuit the output ground wire and the AC power wire to cause the instrument case to be electrified.

5. Do not short-circuit the high-voltage output terminal with the ground wire to avoid accidents.

Hipot tester

6. If the test lamp and ultra-leakage lamp are damaged, they must be replaced immediately to avoid misjudgment.

7. When checking the fault, the power must be turned off.

8. When the instrument is not loaded, the leakage current meter has a small initial current, which is normal.

9. The hipot tester equipment should avoid direct sunlight.

10. This instrument should be sent to the relevant departments for verification every year.

The remote control accessories are connected with the instrument.

Under the condition that the remote control test rod is in reliable contact with the tested object, press the start switch on the high-voltage rod to test, and release it immediately if an alarm sound is heard. Then the tested object is unqualified. If it does not alarm, the test will take time, and the switch will be released at the end.

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