Safe Use of Hipot Tester Against Electric Shock

Be sure to read the manual carefully before use, and follow the instructions to operate.

The hipot tester and the object to be tested must be well grounded, and are not allowed to be tied to the tap water pipe at will.

The high voltage generated by the hipot tester is enough to cause casualties. In order to prevent the occurrence of electric shock accidents, before using the hipot tester, please wear rubber gloves and insulating rubber pads under your feet, and then perform related operations.

When the hipot tester is in the test state, please do not touch the test wire, the object under test, the test rod and the output terminal.

10kVA hipot tester

Do not short-circuit the test wire, wire control wire and AC power wire of this hipot tester, so as to avoid the overall electrification of the instrument.

When one tested object is tested and another tested object is to be replaced, the tester should be in the state of “reset” and “test” indicator light off and the voltage indication value is “0”.

Special attention: When testing, please do not touch the high-voltage test head with your hands to avoid accidents.

Once the power switch is turned off, if it is turned on again, it will take a few seconds before turning the power switch on and off continuously, so as not to cause wrong actions to damage the instrument.

During the no-load test of the hipot tester, the leakage current will show a value.

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