hipot tester

Knowing the precautions of the hipot tester will help us strive to use it.

Hipot Tester Applications

As an important branch of instrumentation, Hipot tester has a wide range of applications, covering industry, agriculture, transportation, science and technology, environmental protection, national defense, aerospace and daily life. Usually, industrial process gas monitoring and analysis instruments are classified into the field of analytical instruments. Common withstand voltage testers are usually miniaturized, portable or fixed, …

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Difference between Hipot tester and resistance meter tester

We mainly consider the insulation resistance tester in the low-voltage test, and whether it will break down in the high-voltage test. The resistance is extremely low during the breakdown, and it almost becomes a conductor. The insulation resistance test is a qualitative test that gives an indication of the relative quality of an insulation system. …

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