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About Us

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We Are Professional Manufacturer Of Hipot Tester

With industry experience since 1971, our knowledgeable technical engineers can always help you find the right instrument for any application. In addition to technical support, our team not only delivers the right product to you on time with its high level of customer service and commitment but also at a competitive price. If you encounter problems with your instrument, rest assured that we will work with you to obtain a satisfactory solution in the shortest possible time.

Whether your application is best served by a ATO Hipot Tester or one of the many products we distribute, our sales specialists will be happy to work with you to solve your measurement and control needs.


We help manufacturers keep their employees and customers safe by providing products that make electrical safety testing simple.

We base everything we do with you in mind

Company Mission

Our Mission is to provide engineers with electrical test solutions in order to improve their company’s ability to produce safe and innovative products. We do this by recruiting the best people in the industry and providing the highest quality products backed by superior service and support.

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We specialize in hipot tester equipment and focus on making our customers’ lives simple and safe.

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