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10kVA hipot tester
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ATO Hipot Tester

Founded in 1971, ATO Hipot Tester manufactured premium electrical safety test equipment to customers across the world who share our appreciation of quality and want to keep more people safe. From our early beginnings, we’ve been passionate about test equipment that ensures quality electronic products. It’s about having real experts with real product knowledge.

Discovering new technologies to push us forward. And remembering technological classics that defined our industries. We want connect your brilliant designs with most testing solutions. So that you can feel pride in the engineering process. And know every single feature is accurately built. Defining the unknown. Service, precision, and accuracy is the soul to our mission.


How does the Hipot Tester Work?

Hipot tester, also known as electrical insulation strength tester, or dielectric strength tester, also known as dielectric breakdown device, dielectric strength tester, high voltage tester.


Precautions for Using the Hipot Tester

The operator must wear insulating rubber gloves and put insulating rubber pads under the feet to prevent life-threatening high-voltage electric shocks.


How to Measure with a Hipot Tester?

Check whether the “Voltage Adjustment” knob of the hipot tester is fully turned counterclockwise. If not, rotate it all the way. Plug in the power cord of the hipot tester.


How to Maintain the Hipot Tester?

The insulating oil hipot tester often checks whether the distance between the electrodes has changed, and whether the screw thread between the electrode head and the …


What will affect the Hipot Tester test results?

High pressure tests are affected by humidity and temperature. Humidity: When the high-voltage test section is carried out, it must be carried out under shielding conditions.


Troubleshooting of the Hipot Tester

Please check whether the hipot tester is damaged. If damaged, replace the high-voltage transformer. replace the voltmeter head.


What Our Clients Say

We provide customers with high-quality services, and customized Hipot Tester is deeply loved by users around the world.

ATO Hipot testers serve a range of different industries and are designed by experts who have made the company a global leader for supporting electrical safety tests.

Donald Hunter

These Hipot Testers are designed to fit my test application and it’s great! ATO hipot tester makes very good equipment and at a good value.

Mike Hughes

The compact hipot tester provides AC and DC output voltages up to 10KV and is available in a variety of models depending on the features and capabilities your require.

Rachel Hudson

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