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5kVA hipot tester

3 kVA 50 kV AC DC Hipot Tester

3kV AC DC hipot tester, output voltage is output through the regulator, featuring high reliability and high durability. As the launch of the national security standard, voltage withstand instrument has become one of necessary withstand test instruments to the radio and electronic products manufacturer.

AC DC hipot tester

5 kVA 100 kV AC DC Hipot Tester

5 kVA 100kV AC DC hipot testers are for general- purpose HV test operation. It can be widely used for voltage withstand test in electrician’s assistant instrument, rubber-wooden facility, voltage converter, wires, power meter, motor, power supply plug, cables and all kinds of electronic and electric products.

10kVA hipot tester

10 kVA 50 kV AC DC Hipot Tester

10kVA 50kV is a simple-to-use AC DC hipot tester with the built-in ability to test Ground Continuity (Low Current Continuity). You need a Hipot Tester that includes all the features you need to get the job done, ATO-HTGTB-1050 has what you’re looking for. Make testing simple with common sense security settings.

Automatic hipot tester

AC DC Automatic Hipot Tester

The automatic hipot testers are designed for insulation resistance and voltage withstand testing of electrical devices and components according to various safety standards.The 5 kVA 100 kV hipot tester is an automatic insulation and AC DC hipot tester that fully supports automated testing.

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