AC DC Automatic Hipot Tester

The automatic hipot testers are designed for insulation resistance and voltage withstand testing of electrical devices and components according to various safety standards. The 5 kVA 100 kV hipot tester is an automatic insulation and AC/DC voltage withstanding tester that fully supports automated testing.

Automatic hipot tester

Control Module Specifications

Capacity5 kVA
Input VoltageAC 110V/120V/220V
Frequency50Hz/ 60Hz
Output Voltage0-200V
Output Current0-25A
Weight31 kg
Timing Range0-999S
Ambient Temperature-20℃~50℃
Voltage Accuracy≤1% (F.S)
Currency Accuracy≤1% (F.S)

Test Transformer (HV Unit) Specifications

LV Side Voltage0-200V
LV Side Current0-25A
HV Side VoltageAC 0-100kV, DC 0-140kV(negative)
HV Side CurrentAC 50mA
Weight104 kg
Measuring VoltageAC 0-100V
HV side/LV side turns ratio250:1

Panel Descriptions

  • There are miniature thermal printers in AC and DC high voltage test equipment. Press the print button on the panel to print out the results.
  • The contrast of the LCD display can be adjusted.
  • Turn on the indicator light, which will light up when the test starts.
  • Zero indicator light. When the voltage regulator is at the zero position, this lamp will light.
  • Alarm indicator. When a fault or protective action occurs, the light is on.
  • LCD screen, 320X240 dot matrix, white backlight.
  • Wiring diagram, refer to the wiring diagram for AC and DC testing.
  • Keyboard, interactive terminal between user and device.
  • Buzzer, sound alarm.
  • Emergency stop button, press this button to cut off the power and end.