How to Measure with a Hipot Tester?

Check whether the “Voltage Adjustment” knob of the hipot tester is fully turned counterclockwise. If not, rotate it all the way.

Plug in the power cord of the hipot tester and turn on the power switch of the instrument.

Select the appropriate voltage range: Set the voltage range switch to the “5kV” position.

Select the appropriate leakage current range: Set the leakage current range switch to the “2mA” position.

Preset leakage current value: Press the “leakage current preset switch”, set it to the “preset” position, and then adjust the “leakage current preset” potentiometer until the current value on the leakage current meter is “1.500” mA. Adjust to bounce the switch so that it is in the “test” position.

Timing time setting: Set the “timing/manual” switch to the “timing” position, adjust the timing dial switch and set it to “30” seconds. Insert the high-voltage test rod into the AC voltage output end of the hipot tester, and connect the hook of the other black wire to the black terminal (ground wire end) of the instrument.

Hipot tester

Connect the high-voltage test rod, ground wire and the device under test (if the instrument is tested, the general connection method is: the black clip (ground wire end) is connected to the ground end of the power cord plug of the DUT, and the high-voltage terminal is connected to the other end of the plug. One end (L or N). Note that the DUT should be placed on an insulated work surface.

Start the test after checking that the instrument settings and connections are correct.

Press the “Start” switch of the ATO hipot tester, slowly adjust the “Voltage Adjustment” knob to start boosting, and observe the voltage value on the voltmeter to “3.00” kV. At this time, the current value on the leakage current meter is also rising, such as when the voltage rises During the process, if the leakage current value exceeds the set value (1.5mA), the instrument will automatically alarm and cut off the output voltage, indicating that the DUT is unqualified. Press the “reset” switch to restore the instrument to the initial state. If the leakage current does not exceed the set value, the hipot tester will automatically reset after the timer expires, indicating that the DUT is qualified.

Use the “remote control test” method: insert the five-pin aviation plug on the remote control test stick into the “remote control” test terminal on the instrument, and press the switch on the test stick (to be pressed) to start. Aviation plugs can also be called plug sockets, which are widely used in various electrical circuits and play the role of connecting or disconnecting circuits.

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