Wiring Method of Hipot Tester

The hipot tester can be called electrical insulation strength tester, dielectric strength tester, etc. according to its function. Its working principle is: a voltage higher than normal operation is applied to the insulator of the device under test for a specified period of time, and the voltage applied on it will only generate a small leakage current, so the insulation is better.

The program-controlled power supply module, the signal acquisition, and conditioning module, and the computer control system constitute the test system. Select two indicators of the withstand voltage meter: the value of the maximum output voltage value and the maximum alarm current value.

Wiring method of hipot tester:

1. Check that the main power switch of the hipot tester is in the (off ) position.

Hipot testing

2. Unless the instrument is specially designed, all non-charged metal parts must be grounded reliably.

3. Connect the wires or terminals of all power input terminals of the device under test.

4. Turn on all power switches and relays of the device under test.

5. Set the test voltage of the hipot tester to zero.

6. Connect the high voltage output wire (usually red) of the hipot tester to the power input of the device under test.

7. Connect the return ground wire (usually black) of the hipot tester to an accessible inactive metal part of the equipment under test.

8. Close the main power switch of the hipot tester, and slowly increase the secondary voltage of the instrument to the required value. The general boost speed does not exceed the speed of 500 V/sec.

9. This test voltage is maintained for the specified time.

10. Slowly reduce the test voltage.

11. Turn off the main power switch of the hipot tester. First disconnect the high voltage output wire of the hipot tester, and then disconnect the loop ground wire of the hipot tester.

The following conditions indicate that the device under test fails the test:

When the test voltage cannot rise to the specified voltage value or the voltage drops instead, and the hipot tester displays a warning signal, it should be noted that due to the high voltage that is dangerous to the human body in the withstand voltage test, special care must be taken during the test.

The following points need special attention:

It must be stipulated that only trained and authorized personnel may enter the test area to operate the instrument.

Clear warning signs must be placed around the test area to prevent other personnel from entering the danger zone.

When testing, all personnel, including operators, must be kept away from the test instrument and the equipment under test.

When the test instrument is powered on, never touch its output wires.

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