Why Choose ATO Hipot Tester?

Multiple Test States

ATO hipot tester can select a single item for test, such as AC withstanding test, DC withstanding test, insulation resistance test, ground continue test and shortopendetection test.

Clear Display

ATO hipot tester has the clearest design for setting the parameters of test voltage, currentstates, readings, procedures and states.All of them can be read from the display directly.

High/Low Limit Comparator for Pass/Fail Judgment

The function of high/low limit comparator for Pass/Fail judgment is designed for bothwithstanding and insulation resistance test. The HiPot low limit comparator and insulation high limit comparator are generally designed to prevent the misjudgment due to bad connection or test cable tripped. This function is able to detect if there is any badconnection or broken line.

Remote Control

Hipot tester

This hipot tester can extend [START] and [RESET] signals to control externally. Usually they are connected to high voltage test gun or control case.

Changing the Time for Voltage Rising

AC DC hipot tester contains [RAMP] function. This function is to change the time required forthe outputted test voltage from zero rising to the specified value.

Changing the Time for Voltage Falling

Hipot tester contains [FALL] function.This function is to change the time required forthe outputted test voltage from the specified value falling to zero.

Current Range Auto Switch

There are two Hipot test AC ranges, one is low AC range 0~ 3.000mA, the other is AC3.01~20mA. There are three DC ranges, low current range 0 ~ 300uA, current range0.301mA ~3mA and current range 3.01mA~5.00mA. When the testing current is small,you can set if to switch the current range to the low one automatically for higher resolutionvia software as need.

RS-232 Link (For link model of RS-232 only)

ATO hipot tester can use RS-232 interface card and PC mainframe performs link test.

RS-232 Link and RS-485 Interface Multi-Link Test (For link test model of RS-485only)

The hipot tester that can use RS-232 interface card or install RS-485 interface card and PCmainframe performs link test.The maximum is 31 sets of instruments to process link testwith PC mainframe as using RS-485 interface card simultaneously. Also, PC mainframecan control the setting and read the test data. When there is no PC mainframe, multi-linktest can be performed individually but the test data can’t be read.

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