Basic Operating Procedures of the Hipot Tester

Test of running

  1. Connect one end of the 0.7MΩ standard resistor to the ground wire of the hipot tester.
  2. Turn on the power, then set the alarm leakage current of the instrument to 5mA.
  3. Turn on the instrument, hit the other end of the standard resistance with a test rod, adjust the voltage from 3410V to 3590V and the instrument will alarm, then the instrument is judged to be in normal working condition. If the instrument does not alarm within the range of 3410V to 3590V, hitpot tester is judged that the instrument is not working properly.
  4. When it is found during the operation inspection that the function of the equipment is invalid and the operation inspection results cannot meet the specified requirements, the operator needs to re-inspect the products that passed the last operation inspection and send the hipot tester for maintenance.

Operation steps

The operator’s seat and feet must be well padded with rubber insulating pads. Only when the test light is off and there is no high-voltage output can the connection or disassembly of the model under test be performed.

  1. Calibrate the instrument before testing. (Method: When the leakage current is 5mA, use a 700KΩ ceramic resistor to connect between the ground clip and the high-voltage test rod probe, until the instrument alarms).
  2. To connect the model under test, make sure that the voltmeter is designated as “0”, clamp the ground clip of the instrument to the heat sink of the machine under test, and press the power switch of the model under test when the test light is off.
  3. Set the test conditions of the hipot tester: A. Voltage: 3500V; B. Leakage current: 5mA; C. The timing of the test time is 4 seconds during assembly line production.
  4. Place the test rod probe against any of the AC input metal tabs of the power cord.
  5. Press the start button to observe the test results. If the over-leakage light does not light up within the set time, the model under test is qualified.
  6. If the model under test exceeds the set leakage current value, the instrument will automatically cut off the output voltage, and at the same time, the front buzzer will alarm, and the over-leakage light will be on, then the model under test is unqualified. Press the reset button to clear the alarm sound. The start button should be pressed again when retesting.

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