DC Hipot Tester VS AC Hipot Tester

Advantages of AC hipot tester

1. The measurement accuracy of leakage current is high.

2. Both positive and negative half weeks can be tested.

3. The equivalent capacitance of the object to be tested has no time to charge and discharge.

4. It can detect all voltage polarities, which is closer to the actual practical situation.

5. Since the AC voltage does not charge the capacitor, in most cases, a stable current value can be obtained by directly outputting the corresponding voltage without gradually boosting the voltage. Also, after the AC test is completed, no sample discharge is required.

6.The test voltage can be applied immediately (no need to step up the voltage).

7. After the withstand voltage test, the tested object does not need to be discharged.

8. Apply a voltage alternately to the two poles of the insulator.

AC dry transformer
AC Dry transformer

Advantages of DC hipot tester

DC dry transformer

1. The measurement accuracy of leakage current is high.

2. The overall test current is small, which may reduce the cost of capacity when purchasing. If the engineer accidentally touches the output terminal, it is safer compared to AC.

3. The real leakage current can be measured.

4. Capacitive loads can be measured with a small-capacity hipot testers (less leakage current and safer testing).

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