Automatic Hipot Tester Working principle

Hipot tester is also called electrical insulation strength tester or dielectric strength tester, also called dielectric breakdown device, dielectric strength tester, high voltage tester, high voltage breakdown device, hipot tester, etc. A test of applying a specified AC or DC high voltage between the live part and the non-live part (usually the casing) of the electrical appliance to check the withstand voltage capability of the insulating material of the electrical appliance.

The basic principle of the automatic hipot tester: Apply a voltage higher than the normal working voltage to the insulator of the device under test for a specified period of time. If the insulation between them is good enough, the voltage applied on it will only produce very small leakage current. If a device under test insulator maintains its leakage current within the specified range for a specified period of time, it can be determined that the device under test can operate safely under normal operating conditions.

dc hipot tester

Automatic hipot testers for high voltage, low current, accurate measurement of leakage current and continuous setting of test time, good adaptability to test display, simultaneous actual value (time, voltage, current), as well as audible and visual alarms with disqualification manual and remote control tester test withstand voltage breakdown protection.

Development and application of hipot testers The main instrument can serve several purposes. For example, testing capacitors withstanding voltage and leakage current, reverse voltage and reverse leakage current, high voltage silicon stacks, transistors, etc. It was developed according to the ZBT37005.2-89 standard, which requires ceramics used to test the voltage resistance of spark plug insulators and to detect the voltage resistance characteristics.

An electronic module is used to facilitate the work of the high-energy coil, which causes the person to generate pulses of pressure. When the pulsing pressure of a spark plug in porcelain works, if it is defective, it will puncture. The quality of the porcelain can thus be judged. It is designed to work without delay in loading or unloading hands, materials, and electricity. The polarization time can be adjusted from 1 to 99 seconds.

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