How to Operate the 5 kVA Hipot Tester?

Hipot tester is a commonly used test instrument, mainly used for the withstand voltage test of polyethylene insulated power cables, and can also be used for the insulation withstand voltage test of large power transformers. A professional hipot tester manufacturer will introduce you how to properly use the model ATO-HTGTB-5100 withstand voltage test. ATO hipot tester can be used to test the physical contamination of insulating oil by water and other suspended substances. The measurement method is to put the test oil into a special equipment, and under the action of an alternating electric field that is evenly boosted at a certain speed, until the oil is decomposed. Can be widely used in electric power, petroleum, chemical and other industries.

Hipot tester

At present, there are 100VA/200VA/250VA/500VA options for the hipot testers that we often see. Here, 5000V is used as an example. 500VA can provide 100mA, and 200VA can provide 40mA. The capacity to be used is generally based on how much current to maintain the test voltage, what needs to be done now is to establish enough test voltage on the insulation resistance to be tested to observe and confirm whether the insulation is good, but when the insulation collapses, the insulation resistance will drop, if the current is insufficient (insufficient capacity) there will be no way to build enough voltage across this resistor with a reduced resistance value. This phenomenon is similar to that of the DC power supply from CV mode to CC mode.

When the insulation resistance is large (the load current is small); when the insulation collapses, the insulation resistance becomes small (the load current becomes large). Capacity will be required for support. Therefore, 500VA capacity will be required when R&D units or third-party laboratories need to do destructive experiments on materials, but 100VA models are often selected for routine production testing. The reason is that the products are produced in large quantities. The yield rate is very high. Taking the insulation resistance of 100MΩ as an example, the test voltage of 5000V is established, and the load current is only 50uA; the test voltage of 1500V is established, and the load current is not more than 15uA. In terms of the capacity of 100VA, there is not much pressure, but if it is the AC withstand voltage, the influence of the equivalent capacitance should also be considered.

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