How to Wire the Hipot Tester?

Wiring diagram of hipot tester

Wiring diagram of hipot tester

How to use the hipot tester?

Plug in the 220V, 50Hz power supply, connect the high-voltage output line and the output low-end line to the high and low output ends of the instrument respectively, and place the two output line ends in the air;

Set the breakdown current according to the experimental requirements: press the “power switch” → press the “alarm current setting” button, turn the current adjustment knob, and make the current display value to be the alarm value required for the test. After the setting is completed, release the “alarm current setting” button. “Set” button;

Hipot tester

Set the test time according to the test requirements: press the “timing/continuous” switch to the “timing” file, dial the number on the dial to adjust the time required for the test; after the setting is completed, release the “timing/continuous” switch to “continuous” “files;

Set the test voltage according to the test requirements: first turn the knob of the voltage regulator to zero position counterclockwise, press the “start” button, the “high voltage” indicator light is on, turn the knob of the voltage regulator clockwise until the high voltage display meter indicates the required voltage ;

Press the “reset” button to cut off the test power supply, and then connect the high-voltage output test clip to the live part of the test product, and the output low-end test clip to the insulating part of the test product.

Press the “Timer/Continuous” switch to the “Timer” file → press the “Start” button, at this time, the high voltage is applied to the test sample, and the ammeter displays the breakdown current value. After the timing is completed, if the test product is qualified, it will automatically reset ; If the test product is unqualified, the high voltage will be automatically cut off, and the sound and light alarm will be activated; Press the “reset” button, the sound and light alarm will be eliminated, and the test state will be restored.

After the test is completed, cut off the power and arrange the instrument.

Precautions for hipot tester

The operator in this position must be familiar with the performance and operation requirements of the equipment. It is strictly forbidden for non-personnel to operate it. The operator should put insulating rubber pads under his feet and wear insulating gloves to prevent life-threatening high-voltage electric shocks.

ATO hipot tester must be grounded reliably. When connecting to the machine under test, it must ensure that the high-voltage output is “0” and in the “reset” state

During the test, the ground terminal of the high-voltage withstand voltage tester should be connected to the measured object reliably, and it is strictly forbidden to open the circuit;

Do not short-circuit the output ground wire and the AC power wire, so as to avoid the high voltage on the casing, which will cause danger;

Avoid short circuit between the high voltage output terminal and the ground wire as much as possible to prevent accidents;
Once the test lamp and ultra-leakage lamp are damaged, they must be replaced immediately to prevent misjudgment;

Avoid direct sunlight, and do not use or store in a high temperature, humid and dusty environment.

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