Parameter Setting of the Hipot Tester

Turn on the power supply, turn on the power switch of the hipot tester, and turn on the equipment; set the parameters such as the alarm leakage current, test voltage and test time of the instrument as specified.

Connect the machine under test to the low end (pinout board) of the hipot tester, and the test lead of the high end should be in contact with the ground wire or shell of the object under test (ie, the test probe end).

Then press the “start switch” button on the test probe, at this time the “test” indicator light of the device is on, and the output voltmeter indicates that the standard setting value has been reached, that is, the power-on test has been started.

Within the set time, if the over-leakage light does not light up, the tested model is qualified.

50kVA hipot tester

If the machine under test exceeds the set leakage current value, the instrument will automatically cut off the output voltage, and at the same time, the front buzzer will give an alarm, and the over-leakage light will be on, then the machine under test is not working.

Qualified, at this time release the “start switch” button on the test probe handle or press the reset button to clear the alarm sound, and then press the start button again when testing again.

Hipot tester precautions:

The operators in this position must be familiar with the performance and operation requirements of the equipment. It is strictly forbidden for non-personnel to operate the equipment. The operator should put insulating rubber pads under his feet and wear

Insulated gloves to prevent life-threatening high-voltage electric shocks.

The hipot tester must be grounded reliably. When connecting to the machine under test, it must ensure that the high voltage output is “0” and in the “reset” state

During the test, the ground terminal of the instrument must be connected to the measured object reliably, and it is strictly forbidden to open the circuit;

Do not short-circuit the output ground wire and the AC power wire, so as to avoid the high voltage on the casing, which may cause danger;

Avoid short circuit between the high voltage output terminal and the ground wire as much as possible to prevent accidents.

Once the test lamp and ultra-leakage lamp are damaged, they must be replaced immediately to prevent misjudgment.

When troubleshooting, the power must be cut off; in the state of power-on test, it is forbidden to connect or pull out the wire to the tested object, and do not touch the tested object and the wire.

When the hipot tester is no-loaded to adjust the high voltage, the leakage current indicator has an initial current, which is normal and does not affect the test accuracy;

The hipot tester should avoid direct sunlight, and do not use or store in a high temperature, humid and dusty environment.

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