Voltage and Leakage Current Calibration Method of Hipot Tester

Voltage calibration

1. The hipot tester is in reset mode, and the voltage adjustment knob is turned counterclockwise to the end.

2. Connect the high voltage meter to the hipot tester.

3. Press the start button, adjust the voltage output button, so that the reading of the high voltage meter is the value of the detection point (the full scale value is often used) and adjust the corresponding potentiometer, so that the error between the meter indication and the high pressure meter indication meets the technical requirements.

dc hipot tester

Leakage current calibration

1. Connect the digital ammeter to the hipot tester.

2. The instrument is in reset mode, the voltage adjustment knob is turned counterclockwise to the end, and the leakage current selection switch is placed in the 2mA gear (2mA is the calibration leakage current reference gear).

3. Choose an appropriate load resistor.

4. Connect the load resistor in series with the DMM and the test loop.

5. Press the start button to make the hiot tester in the test state, slowly adjust the output voltage to about 500V, see that the current of the digital meter is displayed at 1mA, and then adjust the potentiometer W8 to make the instrument ammeter read 1mA.

6. When the calibration reference current is correct at 1mA, adjust the alarm current (1mA), and adjust the potentiometer W7 to make it alarm.

7. Check that the alarm value of each point of 0.5mA, 2mA, 5mA, 10mA and 20mA should be qualified within the range of ±5%.

8. If there are individual gears out of tolerance, the alarm value can be lowered or raised appropriately according to the level of the out-of-tolerance value.

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