Types of Hipot Tester

Hipot tester is a test that applies a specified AC or DC high voltage between the live part and the non-live part (usually the casing) of the electrical appliance to check the withstand voltage capability of the insulating material of the electrical appliance. In the long-term operation of electrical appliances, not only the rated working voltage, but also the short-term overvoltage effect that is higher than the rated working voltage during the operation process (the overvoltage value may be several times higher than the rated working voltage value).

Under the action of these voltages, the internal structure of the electrical insulating material will change. When the overvoltage intensity reaches a certain value, the insulation of the material will break down, the electrical appliance will not operate normally, and the operator may be electrocuted, endangering personal safety. The main test indicators of electrical safety include AC/DC withstand voltage, leakage current, etc. There are four types of “hipot testers” currently on the market:

Hipot tester

1. ATO-5KV Test voltage: 5KV, leakage current: 2/20mA, timing: 99 seconds.

2. ATO-10KV Test voltage: 10KV, leakage current: 2/20mA, timing: 99 seconds.

3. ATO-15KV test voltage: 15KV, leakage current: 2/20mA, timing: 99 seconds.

4. ATO-20KV test voltage: 20KV, leakage current: 2/20mA, timing: 99 seconds.

Users can choose to buy according to their needs.

According to the different output voltage forms, the insulation withstand voltage test is classified into a DC withstand voltage test and an AC withstand voltage test, so the withstand voltage tester is classified into a DC hipot tester and an AC hipot tester.

The DC hipot tester is mainly used to test products whose power frequency voltage is DC, and the AC withstand voltage tester is mainly used for the withstand voltage test of AC products.

There is also an instrument that can be used as both a DC hipot tester and an AC hipot tester—the AC DC hipot tester. Although this hipot tester is relatively fully functional in the withstand voltage test, But it is not common in practical applications.

The classification method mentioned above is mainly to divide the type of withstand voltage tester by the output voltage form. There is another classification method that is more acceptable, that is, it is divided into dry withstand voltage tester according to the cooling method of the withstand voltage tester used. , Oil-immersed pressure tester, inflatable pressure tester three. This classification is mainly used for testing transformers.

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